• Clear sky and green trees



Our vision here at Burrtec is to create environmental solutions for our customers through sustainable programs and responsible handling of the material we collect. Our efforts not only reach our customers, but extend to our employees as well as the communities we serve. We believe that what is good for Burrtec communities, is good for Burrtec. As industry leaders, it is important to Burrtec that we remain experts within California regulation and legislation regarding recycling, refuse, and the environment. We share California’s passion for the environment and want to work together on focusing on the needs for future generations here in California.

Burrtec prides itself on its mission statement “We’ll Take Care Of It.” This statement encompasses the Burrtec philosophy that shines through to what we value; our customers, our communities, our environment, and each other. We are continually finding better ways to develop programs focused on reducing the human impact on the environment and creating a better future for all Californians.